Power comes with consequences. In Lizard, Bee is high mileage. Burnt out from years of laboring for her callous trafficker, she finds a way out. A younger woman. 

I started conceptualizing this film five years ago in my dorm room. I wanted to tell a story about complications of sex trafficking and cyclical trauma but most importantly, a story about a woman fighting for her own agency. 

A fight almost all women understand. 

This project comes with strong intentions. It's important that this film magnified characters and voices usual not heard.  It's important that this film isn't about a white girl. This is a film about power, and I hope that any audience viewing will open themselves up to that perspective. 

This was the biggest production I've written and directed thus far. I'm thankful to the cast, crew, mentors, friends, and family for supporting this project. This could not have been accomplished without so much love. 

Special thanks to this cast of incredible people. I was lucky enough to work with interesting, dedicated performers and learned so much about directing in the process. 

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BTS Stills by Forest Chilton (@forestchiltonfilms)


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